Here is our story...  

Background:  We have been married for 2 years and have been unable to conceive a child biologically. After being diagnosed with infertility, we began researching our options for seeking treatment or choosing adoption as a means to increase our family. Both of us have had positive encounters with adoption through childhood friends, co-workers, and our church community. We felt strongly that God was working in our hearts and lives by opening doors that led us to adopt from Ukraine.

About Keith:  Keith is self employed and the President of his own company. He began Hamilton PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Design in February of 1979. He has been the sole owner and operator of the company since that time. Keith’s job duties consist of developing printed circuit board layouts for a designated electronic product. He enters the layout into a computer, interconnects the parts on a computer screen, and generates the files to manufacture the board.

These files are forwarded to a factory that makes the necessary parts to complete the finished product.

About Dea: I work for a pharmaceutical company managing a team that designs data collection forms to be used in clinical studies. I'm a line

manager for a staff of 8 people and also deal with budget management, work load management, and efficiency management.

About Us:  We initially met in 1991 through their singles group at church and went out a few times.  We reconnected in October of 1999 when Dea co-hosted a house warming party of a friend that Keith had helped move just one month before.  We got engaged in March of 2000 and married on October 7, 2000.

We enjoy riding bikes, taking walks, going out to eat, working in the yard, watching movies, entertaining guests, and traveling together. We both sing our church choir.

About Adoption: We knew even before we married that having children biologically might be difficult. Our infertility diagnosis was not a surprise. Very early in the process to begin a family, we decided not to go through intense medical treatments and procedures to have children naturally.

We had been exposed to international adoption through friends and co-workers and we both felt that the opportunity to offer a child a home was an overwhelming gift. We felt that God was working through us to give this gift of love to a child and we remain convinced that this path is part of his plan for our lives.

We chose to adopt from Ukraine because we will be able to meet the children before making a decision and because we get to bring them home during the first (and only) trip abroad. We hope that future children will be able to file their adoption away in their minds as a time of “re-birth”. We are looking forward to opening a whole new world of sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and experiences for them.